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Fixed costs working party

The Association of Costs Lawyers is inviting members to apply to join a Fixed Recoverable Costs Working Party to consider the potential extension of the fixed recoverable costs regime and draft a consultation paper.

What are the odds the response to any consultation paper is overwhelmingly that the extension of fixed fees is a “bad thing”?

13 thoughts on “Fixed costs working party”

  1. turkeys voting for xmas again – nice to see they still think they are the only ones out there with “voices” though. Let them form their little groups, while the the ones of us that matter will talk to Ministers

  2. Let the ‘working party’ feel important for a day or two. I would prefer to keep my head down and draw another bill at £118 per hour whilst I still can!

  3. King

    think you misspelt “important” there !

    I think however we are doing the ACL a disservice here. They are clearly committed to spending time and resources into researching the potential impact on the extension of fixed fees into the whole of the legal profession. That’s why they have openly invited non-members (more non than not), and also representatives of Claimant and Defendant Solicitors, Cilex, Paralegals, DJs to join their discussion paper. Then, once they have sat and talked about it lots, say, for around the same time they took to “devise” the new bill format, they will announce their publication upon the legal world – only to find the tumbleweed of their jobs rolling past as fixed fees are already implemented

  4. Northern Costs Monkey

    Never fear fellow costs monkeys. I suspect there will still be plenty of arguments to keep us all ticking over if fixed fees are extended to £250k. For instance, a disposal hearing is not a trial! You’re not having the top whack, this matter only just got past allocation- what are you thinking? Oh, and that other case…it shouldn’t have dropped out of the new multi-track portal- you’ve issued prematurely. And Mr Claimant, just why exactly have you issued a formal bill for a fixed fee case in any event? I’m not going to give you anything for the cost of drafting that. By the way, regarding that other fixed costs case that you needlessly served a formal bill on, the medical report looks awfully high- here’s my point (singular point) of dispute. Look on the bright side folks- there are plenty good times left ahead yet.

  5. savedbythebellned

    What is the point of all this, please don’t invite us to pointless working groups when we are concerned about feeding our families. If there is one thing I am certain about is fixed costs are seen as the way forward by this government. I am surprised that the ACL want us to get involved in distraction meetings.

    In fact did you all read the letter to the ACL drafted by it’s members to the Chairwomen? If not try and obtain a copy it makes interesting reading (not quite wikileaks material) the response however from the chair looks as though it has been drafted by Counsel which is a sad indictment.

    It looks to me that the writing is on the wall for the ACL, perhaps this is the reason that the chair and other members are now heavily invested in software companies, I hereby name this scandal “omnia gate”.

    I wonder what odds betfred will give me that membership numbers will be half its current number in 2016 ……………… Idea of the month lets form our own professional body free from personal interest and outside influence. I nominate Simon as the chair!

  6. @ King of costs

    Indeed they do, and there are many places where a good draftsman can earn a very good honest living

  7. I’m not worried. The NHSLA is a bureaucratic shambles. Most claims will fall out of fixed costs….assuming escape routes exist of course.

    Perhaps I should be worried.

  8. What genuinely concerns me, is that the NHSLA openly advertise the gross excess in bills claimed (The Guardian report 18.08.15, £ 5k damages, bill £121k, solicitor charging £400.00 per hour plus s/f (I happen to know it was a Manchester firm btw)), yet then say they reduce bills by 33% average!! This type of claim is typical btw

    What CLowns are the NHSLA employing if they only average 33%???

    Perhaps rather than “fixing” costs, they want to fix their costs people, to someone who will actually fight these claims rather than throw in the towel for an easy percentage saving

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