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Gibbs Wyatt Stone named Most Outstanding Law Firm of 2016

I’m delighted to announce that Gibbs Wyatt Stone has been named ‘Most Outstanding Law Firm of 2016, the UK’.

I was notified of this via an email from a Mandeep Singh from Wealth & Finance INTL magazine (no, I hadn’t either) advising that:

“following months of research by our in-house research team, Gibbs Wyatt Stone has been named as a ‘Most Outstanding Law Firm of 2016, the UK’.  Since 2016 began, here at Wealth & Finance INTL we have been looking for some of the leading, most innovative, competitive and client-focused of law firms who have demonstrated truly marvelous things this year. … Only the most creative, forward-thinking and truly exceptional of law firms stand out from the crowd in these competitive times.  In the modern legal environment both the very niche law firms as well as the international law firms can make a real impact within their jurisdiction(s) or specialist area(s), meaning that firms of all sizes have been considered here.”

I was told that if I wanted this news to reach their “130,000+ subscribers” there were various packages, ranging from £375 to £3,875 in cost, for different types of exposure in their online publication.

My excitement was only slightly muted by the fact I had received just the day before another email from Mandeep Singh advising:

“My name is Mandeep Singh and I am contacting you on behalf of Wealth & Finance INTL to inform you that Gibbs Wyatt Stone has been named as a winner in ‘2016’s Fund Manager Elite’ awards. … Over the course of the past two months, our in-house research team have been scouring the market in search of truly outstanding fund managers who have gained a reputation for providing their clients with the most innovative and successful money management and advisory services.  All of this year’s winning firms have been drawn from across 8 categories (the details of which you can find below) and will be the sole representative from their country. This mean that you will be the only business based in the USA to appear in the publication, ensuring maximum exposure among your competitors and peers. … As a winner in this year’s awards, you are now free to publicise your success in any way you see fit. However, if you would like to get a head start on your promotional activities, we offer a number of advertising packages within our upcoming awards supplement that will help you to showcase your win and your firm in general to a global audience of more than 130,000 HNWIs, wealth management specialists and investors.”

Now, I’m obviously a very busy man and can’t be expected to remember every bit of work my firm has done over the last year, but I’m fairly sure I would have remembered if this had included being a fund manager in the USA.

It does make me begin to wonder whether these awards are worth the paper the online only Wealth & Finance INTL is published on.

Having said that, other law firms are happy to boast of the awards they have received from Wealth & Finance INTL, including Birketts and Walker Morris, so perhaps I am just being ungracious.

6 thoughts on “Gibbs Wyatt Stone named Most Outstanding Law Firm of 2016”

  1. If only we’d been notified a few days earlier, before we took delivery of 10,000 sheets of letterheaded paper!

  2. We cant all be the best surely? What time was yours received. My view is whomever got theirs first gets the crown and the right to the huge volume of business that will surely follow.

  3. I received the same email from Mandeep Singh with slight variations: I am the only winner in Australia and thereby can exploit this honour through advertising my unique position. Aside from being wary of paying for trophies, I was also circumspect given that I had not supplied data for assessment and the purported award is for a category that is not reflective of the business that I run.

    Smells of a scam.

    What is the best way of blowing the whistle on this?

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