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Extension of fixed fees

Those hoping that the fallout from Brexit would kick any further costs reforms into the long grass are likely to be disappointed.

The government has announced:

“More needs to be done to control the costs of civil cases so they are proportionate to the case, and legal costs are more certain from the start. Building on earlier reforms, we will look at options to extend fixed recoverable costs much more widely, so the costs of going to court will be clearer and more appropriate. Our aim is that losing parties should not be hit with disproportionately high legal costs, and people will be able to make more informed decisions on whether to take or defend legal action.”

“We are keen to extend the fixed recoverable costs regime to as many civil cases as possible. The senior judiciary will be developing proposals on which we will then consult.”

1 thought on “Extension of fixed fees”

  1. Oh no here we go again, more cases going to disposal in the same month as they are issued thus triggering disproportionate costs! or maybe the MOJ/Rules committee will amend or clarify the rules without the need for drawn out and costly Appeals?

    I truly believe that when Jackson started out he didn’t intend to shaft all costs draftsmen, but in the end after all the seminars, black tie events, canopies and wine, he woke up to the realisation that his terms of reference included all things to do with saving money for the public purse (and certain private purses too). So the lowly costs draftsmen without whom the civil justice process would have eroded years ago due to the greedy elements in the profession, are effectively being pushed into the parapet.

    Who is going to challenge this, ACL? give me a break, anyone thinking that Multi Track or Clinical Neg was a safe heaven for a costs draftsmen ought to wake up …. yes you will be filling in forms soon too, maybe ones down the job centre aswell!

    Mr Jackson, go easy on us fella, my car insurance goes up every year because the insurance lobby that has the government in jake the snake type headlock are not passing on any LASPO savings to me.

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