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Costs law is such a pervasive and ever changing area of law that even more generalist legal publications are a source of endless interesting articles on the subject. Unfortunately, many of these articles go the way of so many other legal articles and are read once and then disappear under a pile of other old legal journals never to be read again or go straight into the recycling bin.

In an effort to put this right, the Legal Costs Blog is delighted to announce the launch of the Costs Law Articles Archive over on Legal Costs Central.

This will feature an archive of costs law related articles written by some of the leading experts in the area. Because this is an archive of older articles it should be treated as no more than a starting place for research as many of the articles will inevitably have been overtaken by subsequent changes in the law.

The Costs Law Articles Archive is not intended to compete with legal print publications and those should always be the first port of call for those wanting to stay up to speed with latest developments (after reading the Legal Costs Blog of course). Rather, this is designed to compliment those publications by bringing under one roof a selection of articles that might otherwise be largely lost.

The first selection to be uploaded are some articles from the specialist costs team at Kings Chambers that were first published in the New Law Journal and includes discussions on staged success fees, VAT on legal costs and costs estimates. Many thanks to Kings Chambers and the New Law Journal for giving permission to reproduce these articles here. These articles are worth revisiting if for no other reason than to see how quickly matters have progressed in certain areas of costs law between then and now.

Over the coming weeks and months this archive will be added to. Readers should feel free to submit their own articles for inclusion although selection will ultimately be a matter for arbitrary editorial discretion.

Happy reading: Costs Law Articles Archive.

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