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Costs muppet

By on Feb 19, 2010 | 3 comments

A further definition from The (Alternative) Legal Costs Dictionary: Costs muppet n. someone who had the stuffing knocked out of them when they read the Jackson Report’s proposals in relation to fixed fees.

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Jackson Report – An Overview

By on Feb 18, 2010 | 0 comments

The legal press and various other sources have been busy in recent weeks providing various summaries and commentaries on the final report of the Jackson Costs Review.  One of the best comes from specialist costs counsel Andrew Hogan of Ropewalk Chambers (although I don’t necessarily agree with all of his interpretations of the proposals or their possible consequences). For those of you who have not yet read the full 557 pages of the report (shame on you) or feel you are not fully up to speed with some of the recommendations and implications, I can thoroughly recommend this. The first newsletter provides an overview of the report, the second newsletter looks at it implications and proposals in relation to personal injury litigation and the third newsletter considers the practical difficulties thrown up by Lord Justice Jackson’s...

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Costs Law Reports

By on Feb 17, 2010 | 0 comments

In a previous post I commented on the unsatisfactory way that legal costs case law (see post) is scattered all over the place and the problems this causes trying to keep on top of developments. One potential solution to this problem may come from the re-launched Costs Law Reports.  This is a publication that has gone through (to put it mildly) recent difficulties.  It is now in the hands of new publishers who are making a very serious attempt to make this the most comprehensive collection of costs case law available.  The service will officially re-launch at the beginning of March.  Further information can be obtained by emailing:  There will still be a print service, but more interesting is an online service with a fully searchable database and an email alerting service. More exciting still, I understand that the publishers longer term goal is to try to bring together on the online database a fully comprehensive collection of costs case law going way beyond those cases reported in the print version.  If this ambitious goal can be achieved then this will become an absolutely invaluable tool for those with any involvement in legal costs.  The Legal Costs Blog strongly supports Costs Law Reports in this...

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Dr Friston's Civil Costs – A short teaser

By on Feb 1, 2010 | 0 comments

I have recently been commenting on the forthcoming publication of Civil Costs – Law and Practice, a new book by Dr Mark Friston. To give you some idea as to the scope and ambition of this book have a look at this sample chapter (external link). This chapter deals with the important topic of contracts made away from solicitors’ places of business.  If this looks like a difficult and obscure subject that you can ignore, think again.  If a solicitor’s paperwork is not in order their bill will be unenforceable.  In the current edition of Claims Management magazine, Andrew Twambley, managing partner at Amelans, wrote: “Well, I have a word from the dark side – from the deepest annals of defendant burrows, from behind the largest rock – that an attack is imminent.  Mark my words, brace yourselves and hope you are not the ones chosen by them, to be the receivers of test...

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Legal costs case law

By on Jan 25, 2010 | 1 comment

BAILII is a wonderful, and free, resource and contains a section specifically devoted to recent costs law decisions.  These are usually mirrored in the excellent, free, Senior Courts Costs Office website transcripts section.  The downside with these sites is that the first does not provide case summaries and the second provides summaries for some cases but in another part of the website and those are not linked to the full judgments.  Further, with neither of these sites is there a way to obtain notification of new decisions. Lawtel is a subscription service.  It does provide cases summaries and has some interesting decisions not reported elsewhere.  However, this service suffers from two problems (I am not talking now about their bizarre pricing structure).  It has a very useful daily update service that notifies of relevant new court decisions.  Unfortunately, the updates only seem to include recent decisions as opposed to older cases that have only just been added to Lawtel’s database.  Therefore, even if one subscribes to the updates, one can miss important and interesting decisions.  The only way to make sure that other cases have not been reported is to search through the whole database. The second problem with Lawtel is that it does not report many of the cases that appear on the Senior Courts Costs Office site.  One is therefore stuck with having to visit that site on a regular basis to check for new cases and to skim read them to know what the case is about. Surely there could be a one-stop solution to keeping up to speed on all costs decisions.  Sadly, time constraints do not enable me to offer such a service.  There is a ray of hope on the horizon to this problem and I’ll provide more information on this...

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